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Description of Medical Secretarial Diploma Courses



Enrich the knowledge of the student / student in the basic concepts of the Secretariat of medical and scientific study of materials up to the job market. Background in addition to building and upgrading the economic status of an intern / trainee for, one of the economic assets that can be invested.


1- (ARAB 101)
Language skills substance is a specialized program to study the language thinking through the elements of communication and exchanges and similarities between language and thought, study the text and operative text written by the three languages (modern language, the language of thinking, writing and language), including the installation of a study article sentences and paragraphs Health, clarity and format of the sentence and construction procedure of the paragraphs. This article aims to provide the student / student skills to enable them to develop language skills, whether written or expressive, enabling them to speak and write good on various topics, and provide them with basic skills of the assets of writing and rhetoric and ways of drafting sound right, and how to avoid errors of expression, structural and semantic common.

2-(ENGL 101,102, 103,104)
English teaching is the student / student different levels of English language in addition to English on medicine and management, curriculum includes emphasis on basic skills in English are: reading, writing, speaking, listening, where the skills of speaking and listening part of the reading, so as to read parts And the lessons are explained and discussed, will also be giving the student / student use the skills of rules to improve the skills of the right to speak and write in English. Teaching is in English language laboratories to improve the training of students / female students were studying in the classroom. The proposed levels are taught: - the entry level. - The average level. - The level above average. Levels are taught in the classroom four respectively.


3-(SECR 101, 102)
Print Arab and English training for printing in Arabic, English and how to deal with this program in detail, and the use of different formats offered by the word processing program and explain how to write themes touch on the keyboard, and the definition and functions of various keys. Article aims in general to give the student / student skill printing on a computer touch manner, to give the student / study the ability to print at (60) word per minute minimum.

4 - (COMP 101) computer
  1. Emphasis on how the introduction and retrieval of electronic information and computer application in health services.
  It is divided into several units and focus on:
o the beginning of Windows to the level I and II.
  o and the level 1,2,3.
  o Excel 2.1 level.
  o Access.
  o PowerPoint.
  2. Focus on how the introduction and retrieval of electronic information and computer application in health services.
  It is divided into several units contain:
  o Introduction to the Internet.
  Out look. o Internet Explorer
  (Internet Explorer). o Internet commerce tools on the Web (Internet Tools + Business on
the Net).

6- (SECR 103)
The basics of modern management to encompass the various topics on management concepts different, and different functions of the planning, organization and supervision and control, and theories of modern management and other topics related to the principles of modern management, and was intended to give the student / student thinking about modern management concepts and theories in the management of administrative work And the organization. In addition to knowledge of quality standards within the hospital, the design of activities and programs of quality, particularly associated with the customer in order to enable the student / student from the application of concepts, principles and theories of total quality services in the health sector.

7- (SECR 104)
Work ethic and knowledge of the discussion of ethical issues facing health officials in the administration. The focus will be on the concepts of confidential medical information, patient consent requirements, and provide the relationship between the patient and patient rights, duties and responsibilities of health professionals. In addition to the legal issues relating to the organization and delivery of health care. And will discuss the ethical considerations associated with the management of health care facilities.

8- (SECR 105)
Department of health services designed this article to the definition of health care systems and objectives and their levels and types and components and various components. And include the impact of environmental trends and political health organizations and health professionals working in these organizations. This article gives various topics such as history and development of health systems, primary health care, private health institutions, health insurance, the Saudi Council for Health Specialties, relationships and responsibilities of doctors and other health professions.

9 - (SECR 106)
Medical reports include the article the first part of trial: the definition and importance of reports and types, in addition to the formal and substantive requirements of the report, parts and components of the report, and steps to prepare the report. The segment aims to develop the capacities of the student / student in the preparation of various reports free of the formal and substantive errors, which achieved the purpose of writing the report. The second part of a medical reports and forms, with each type writing methods, focusing on issues related to medical reports written in English in particular, this section aims to provide the student / student basic skills that will enable them to write medical reports easily pleased.

10- (SECR 107)
Secretarial procedures article is a set of new issues in the work of the secretariat, where the focus is on: the design and methods of preparation and processing of the Bureau, and the creation of the physical environment of the office, furniture, equipment and devices in the office, and clarify the role of these topics to raise standards of efficiency in performance in office management. This article aims to provide the student / student as a whole of the specialized knowledge in the office, and equip them with the ability and skill necessary for the exercise of secretarial work actors.

11 - (SECR 108,114)
Medical terms and abbreviations a total area of topics related to medical and health organizations such as the various departments in hospitals and various medical specialties, diseases, the names of equipment and machinery used in the medical field, and common abbreviations and their meanings, abbreviations used in medical tests and X, medical and denominations, which aims to Giving the student / student capacity to carry out their functions and interaction with the doctor as high productivity and efficiency in job performance.

12- (SECR 109)
Art of dealing and communication article contains several topics related to the art of communication and dealing with others. This article aims to raise the capacity of the student / student in dealing with others, and highlighting the negative behavior and corrected, and the skills necessary to persuade and influence others and gain raided ways, to achieve student / student performance of the distinguished conduct in the work environment. And the article contains the following: - the communication: the sender, cryptography, sensory perception, channel, message, the future, decoder, the feedback. - Trends Contact: vertical downward trends, emerging communications vertical, horizontal communications. - Obstacles to communication and ways to overcome them: language barriers, personal barriers, regulatory barriers, relationship, social factors, noise, economic factors, hampered by the selection of inappropriate channel of communication barriers, the technology. - Liaison with oral and non-verbal communication (body language). - Contact telephone.

13- ( SECR 110)
Written communication containing this article on many topics to increase the capacity of the student / student work written communications within the enterprise or between business and the other, with a focus on: - types of communications: - official: Telecom down, emerging communications, horizontal communication. - Informal: written, non-verbal communication (body language). - Personal contacts. - Communications graphic. - Stages of the process of writing. - Specification writing Management. - Types of writing Management: Letters, the report, the model warrants. - The importance of reporting organizations. - Design and control models. - Minutes of meetings

14- (SECR 111)
Technical article contains offices to operate the devices used in offices and the article contains the following: - how to operate and maintain the fax machine. - How to operate and maintain the system Scanner. - How to operate and maintain the typist. - How to operate and maintain the Data Show. - How the operation and maintenance (DATA SHOW). - How to start meetings through the Internet, and how to use the camera and microphone. - How to send email. - How to operate and maintain the mincing machine paper.

15- (SECR 112)
The basics of accounting article topics include multiple accounting principles and their application in the health sector. Where the definition of student / student accounting concepts in general, and double-entry methods, and elements of the accounting system. As well as some accounting applications in hospitals.

16- ( SECR 113)
Health information systems designed this article to the definition of health information systems and management, and applications in health organizations. And include issues and challenges facing these organizations in the design and implementation of these systems and information networks and databases and programming languages on the medical secretariat. And also include topics related to information management and conservation and classification and indexing.


 17- (SECR 115)
Practical applications in medical secretarial this article include the practical training specific and particular situations in the different areas of medical secretaries.



18- (SECR 116)
Management of the Office containing the article on the basics of office management and applications, including: the first unit: know the senior management levels, the Central Executive - Management Office, (the definition of + the role of the Office). Unit II: follow-up. Third unit: the provision of supplies (the preparation and receipt of applications). Unit IV: assessment of the petty cash management. Unit V: the preparation of maintenance and communications breakdowns. Unit VI: workers leave the coordination of procedures for working overtime. Unit G: Department of Post (of + the) time + planning meetings.

19- (SECR 117)
Medical records article contains several topics related to medical records and the contents of medical records and numbering mechanisms, conservation and archiving and indexing practice, and was intended primarily on the development of student / student in knowledge of the medical records can work in different sections of medical records and to ensure their effectiveness in Dealing with the medical record.

20- (SECR 118)
Hospital management aims to publicize this article concepts and theories and experiences of Administrative Sciences in hospitals. This article covers the characteristics of hospital management, financial and human, and policies and procedures related departments of hospitals and the services they provide. In addition to describing the surrounding environment (internal and external) hospital and the work of the hospital.

21- (SECR 119, SECR120)
The application of practical training and accredited training for 16 in a week devoted secretarial medical organizations, hospitals and other health-related. Training program provides a unique opportunity to train with one of those who have chosen to work with post-graduate (6 credit hours).


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