Research and Development Center

the most important achievements of the Research and Development Center


Research Center contributed to development during the march (30) years in many of the services and overseeing the completion of many research studies published in the areas of administration, economy and public areas that affect the essence of the national development process and the impact was visible through the vast amount of research has been published by the Center Or that research supported by the university, which was supervised by the center, and training programs developed by the Center for the various sectors in the form of short training courses, and miscellaneous publications issued by the Center in various areas. Perhaps the most outstanding achievements of the Center, which are worth mentioning in this area include:

More than forty scientific research supported by the University prior to the establishment of a separate Department of Scientific Research University

2. Many of the studies and consultations to government and especially (Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Jeddah, Petromin, Smarck, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Council of the holy city of Mecca).


3. A number of thirty magazine King Abdulaziz University - the issuance of Economics and Management.


4. A set of regulations quality.


5. A series Quran and the Sunna in the economy and management.


6. A twenty-five a number of systems where the Saudi Center for Research and Development's rights by issuing annually since 1394 e and is the only means which includes these decrees, orders and decisions of the Royal Council of Ministers and ministerial decisions.


7. Hosting many officials at the university deans of colleges and agents and managers and members of the sectors of education.


8. Hosting many public figures and businessmen through lectures and monthly meetings.


 9. The Center to prove its presence in numerous conferences and symposia, local, regional and global levels.

10. Center has organized numerous lectures and scientific meetings and monthly.


11. The Center played a prominent role in the national project, which means the establishment of the incoming national cadres, which contributed to the training programs offered by the Center since the early to government bodies and private creating career opportunities for Saudi youth and to eliminate the problem of unemployment.


12. The implementation of many of the courses and training programs in various areas including: (management and leadership, and behavioral skills, skills and financial accounting, banking and sales and marketing skills and information systems, and on law and the law).


13. Pride of place that provides training courses is not preceded by one where the design director of the center at the touch of the needs and near the Center's first courses in real estate, stocks and judicial and other proceedings.


14. Boasting that the fact that only the judges and lawyers gathered in workshops and courses integrated in an atmosphere of unity and the desire to find a complementary relationship between the parties.


15. Boasting that the only place which has trained more than (2200) members of the security patrols in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam and Mecca, Medina, Abha, Qassim, Al-Jawf influential in the training program (development and communication skills to deal with the security men), which began in 1424 e.


16. Boasting that the fact that only the trained (61) female employee of the Holy Mosque in Makkah of the program (development and communication skills to the Holy Mosque in Mecca honor female), which was held on e 10/10/1428.


17. Boasting the Center for activating the program of medical secretarial diploma portion of female students in the academic year 1428/1429 e.


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