Research and Development Center

Famous Visitors to the Centre

Prince/ Ammro Mohammad Alfaisal

General/ Saed Abdullah Alkhuleiwi ( Assistant of Public Security Chief for Operations Affairs

Brigadier General/ Musfer Alzehami (Police Chief of Jeddah)

Dr./ Mohammad Salah Matbakani( General Manager of Jeddah National Hospital)

Dr./ Sayed Alhawari ( Well-known Academic Lecturer banker ) 
Engineer/ Naser Hamad Alnaser ( Member of Qaseem Area Council)

 Mr./ Waleed Kayyal ( Regional General Manager for Banking Services )

Mr. / Ayed Frhan Alkahtani( Manager of Company the First for Developing Real Estate )


Mr./ Hussein Mufleh Alkatani ( Investegation Authorit and general Prosecution )
Mr. Ibrahim Althahiri ( Islamic Bank For Development )

Mr. Ahmad Muhtaseb (Regional Manager for Riyadh Holding Company )

*Also several Businessmen Including Mr. ( Adel Almadah/ Hussein Shabakshi/ Talal Badkok/Ali Basmah/ Mohammad Saeed Tayeb).  

A delegation fro public Foundation Technical Teaching and Vocational Training

A delegation From Islamic Bank for Development

A delegation from the headquarters of Civil Aviation

Chambers of Commerce
Jeddah Chamber of Commerce
Taif Chamber of Commerce

Madinah Chamber of Commerce

Qaseem Chamber of Commerce

Najran Chamber of Commerce

Albaik Restaurant

Kentaki Restaurant

MacDonald Restaurant

Pizza HUT Restaurant

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